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Recruiting videos are critical in the recruiting process! Is your video getting you results?

College recruiting videos are a critical tool that every student athlete needs if they are trying to be recruited!  Is your video getting you the results that you expected?  If not, here are some tips on how to make a successful highlight video for college coaches to evaluated:

You have to understand that even if you are playing on a high level team that is getting a lot of exposure, many college programs operate on tiny budgets.  This makes traveling to tournaments to see your student athlete play a real challenge.  College coaches rely on quality footage to evaluate your athlete to the best of their abilities.  Once they have received footage, they will begin to prioritize which athletes they will target at the tournaments they have scheduled on their calendar for the season.

As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I cringe when I see a video that is highly produced with music like the “Eye of the Tiger” in the background.  As a parent, you may feel you are doing your athlete a favor by making their video stand out.  I have to tell you, that although these videos are fun for the family and friends; they are ineffective for college coaches.  The majority of coaches put the sound on mute.  Music is definitely not necessary nor will it do you any favors.  Showing highlights from an entire season is also ineffective.  Anyone can look exceptional with a highly edited and produced video.

Put yourself in the college coaches position here for a minute.  Would you rather see how a player looks from 1 match, or an entire season?  If you are recruiting for your program, you need to know what the athlete is going to be able to offer you.  Are they consistent?  How is their volleyball IQ?  Are they slow, fast, quick to transition off the net?  How conditioned is the athlete?  Are they exhausted by the end of the match and not as explosive in their approach?  Do they give up on balls, or are they aggressive and chase the ball down to make the play?  Are you beginning to get the picture here?  If your athlete is a setter, don’t show every ball going to the outside just because the outside hitter makes the setter look good!  You need to show some variety, like dumping, setting the quick, setting out the back row.  You need to show that your setter is smart when it comes to his/her sets.  Middle blockers and liberos are the most difficult videos to create because they touch the ball less.  Especially if you are not the M1.  It takes 5-6 matches of footage to make an effective highlight reel for an M2.

The trick is you want to show as much footage as you possibly can from a single match.  Film from the middle back of the court (don’t panic if you can’t) otherwise from the right back. Do not film behind the lines person.  That footage is not great because you can’t see everything on the court!  Also, don’t use the giant pods 10-16 feet high in the air!  As a coach, you need to see the footwork of the player, how high the player reaches over the net, and the explosiveness of their approach etc.

If your video isn’t getting the results you are looking for then give me a call or drop me an email and I will evaluate the footage you have posted online.

You can email me at [email protected], send footage for my team to edit by clicking on the button below or call me and I will help understand your situation and tweak your strategy.  I offer recruiting workshops nationwide on how the recruiting process works and how to help your athlete find the “perfect” fit.  I wish you the best of luck in the recruiting process!

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