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The Las Vegas Classic Tournament schedule is out! Here are some tips for recruits on the next steps!

The Las Vegas Classic tournament schedule is out! Here are some tips for recruits on the next steps!

Now that the tournament schedule is available, take advantage of the following tips:

  • If you are participating in the PrepVolleyball Unsigned Senior Showcase, email the college coaches which time slot you will be participating in and your most recent video footage.
  • Email the college coaches whom you have already had communication with your location, court number, seed, and time of your first match.
  •  Gather the cell phone numbers of the college coaches who are interested in evaluating you to text them updates throughout the weekend.
  • Follow the college coaches on Twitter, and Tweet your court updates.
  • Ensure your University Athlete Profile is up to date and current.

My Recruiting Solutions is an educational resource for student athletes who want to play volleyball in college.  College volleyball recruiting expert Kara Hill walks your family through the process step by step to ensure your athlete stands out from the competition and finds the “perfect fit.”  For guidance on college volleyball recruiting, email Kara Hill at [email protected]

To take a look at the tournament schedule on AES click here.

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