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Testimonial: Eden Frazier Signed with University of Utah

I want to start this off by saying the old adage of “It takes a village” has been true for us throughout the volleyball recruiting process.  Furthermore, our village was Kara and the My Recruiting Solutions team. We can’t say enough about the MRS team and all they have done for us. If we expressed a need it was more than met.  When we were frustrated and ready to give up, their encouragement kept us going.  When we thought that no more college programs needed players we’d receive e-mails about several that did.  The staff is knowledgeable not only of the process, but has a great rapport with numerous collegiate programs.

We started this journey at the beginning of My Eden’s junior year in high school, November 2011. We were lulled into believing that we could get through this without help because our Eden got many ‘interest’ letters from various programs.  Boy were we wrong.   If we had it to do over again we could have covered more ground had we started with My Recruiting Solutions no later than her sophomore year.

My Recruiting Solutions exceeded what we were expecting.  For Example, during a major recruiting showcase we couldn’t understand why none of the many college recruiters were interested in our daughter?  Kara was on it.  With a few questions she found out that Eden was listed as Committed.  What!?  We panicked.  Kara must have notified almost every coach in the gym that she was not committed.    By the end of the tournament Eden got 4 scholarship offers and many more in the weeks that followed.  We eventually signed with one of those programs and now my Eden is on her way to play collegiate volleyball for a Pac 12 program!

There are many components involved in this recruitment process.  It is not for the faint of heart and it is a necessity to have a ‘village’ like My Recruiting Solutions as part of your team.  They were absolutely fundamental in getting my daughter committed and I will be eternally grateful.

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