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Biggest Recruiting Mistakes: Part 2

This week I want to cover the next Biggest Recruiting Mistake athletes and there families make which is Underestimating Your Abilities! Many parents have a big misconception about the recruiting process.  They believe if there child is good enough, he or she will be recruited.  This couldn’t be furthest from the truth.  The fact is there are over 1,700 college volleyball programs throughout the United States, and over 200,000 girls playing club volleyball. If you want to play volleyball in college then you need to be aggressive and go after it!  College coaches don’t know you are interested if you aren’t contacting them about your interest.  There are many scholarships available and you don’t need to be the best athlete on your team or in your league in order to earn an athletic scholarship.  Of course, you need to be skilled at your sport but blue chip players are not the only athletes receiving scholarships.  Many athletes don’t even attempt to get a scholarship because they don’t believe they are good enough, but there are many options out there. MRS is always happy to provide support and guidance on the recruiting process.  We can provide you with an athletic evaluation that will start you on the right path and focus on programs that are truly an athletic and academic fit.  Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance!  We want to see every young student athlete be successful in the recruiting process.

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