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"College recruiting is about so much more than sending emails and video links. It's about building a brand!"
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Celebrating Excellence

In the last 6 years, My Recruiting Solutions has helped over 200 athletes find the “perfect fit” in a college. We take pride in helping our clients find their DREAM school!

What Our Clients Want You To Know

  • Working with MRS was a very positive experience. It is such a wonderful and tentative time in the life of the parent and the child and having a sounding board like MRS who really cares about the future of the child not only athletically but academically and socially as well helped us with the transition and to really enjoy the whole process. I would definitely recommend MRS to anyone that asked I think they do more so we can have more options. Kara became like part of our family and was there for us with every decision and every offer that came in and ultimately helped us to decide on our daughter’s future not only athletically but academically as well.

    Jill BushMother of Avery Bush, LMU
  • The most valuable tool that MRS has to offer is Kara’s relationship with college coaches; she knows a lot of them. I would enjoy watching her interact with them at the various tournaments and would always take special interest when I saw her talking to Katie’s future college coach.

    Chris KleinFather of Katie Klein, Regis University
  • My Recruiting Solutions exceeded what we were expecting. For Example, during a major recruiting showcase we couldn’t understand why none of the many college recruiters were interested in our daughter? Kara was on it. With a few questions she found out that Eden was listed as Committed. What!? We panicked. Kara must have notified almost every coach in the gym that she was not committed. By the end of the tournament Eden got 4 scholarship offers and many more in the weeks that followed. We eventually signed with one of those programs and now Eden is on her way to play collegiate volleyball for a Pac 12 program!

    Toque Ellis FrazierMother of Eden Frazier
  • I must say, hiring Kara Hill and MRS was the best decision we made for our daughter Emily, and now we have a scholarship with UC Irvine as our reward!

    Jana BlairMother of Emily Blair
  • I always thought (mistakenly) that I could contact volleyball coaches and get my daughter recruited and a scholarship. The response I got? None! I neither had the time nor the expertise. Kara not only got our daughter a scholarship, but the school is the perfect fit.

    John McBrideFather of Madi McBride
  • Without My Recruiting Solutions I would not have had the right guidance and the ability to have the confidence in choosing the right college for me. My experience was so worth it and well worth the investment. Thank you so much Kara and My Recruiting Solutions for all the hard work and guidance through the recruiting process, you made the difference for me in choosing the right college.

    Danica DurdinesMB, Class of 2014

Our Process


We begin the recruiting process with a consultation with College Volleyball Recruiting Expert Kara Hill. This 45-60 minute meeting provides your family with an understanding on how the recruiting process works, what to expect, and how to be successful.

    Athletic Evaluation

    Upon registering with My Recruiting Solutions, our team provides an athletic evaluation to focus on programs which are the best athletic fit.

      Create a Highlight Reel

      A short highlight reel, edited by former college coaches, is uploaded onto our YouTube Channel for easy sharing and exposure. Film footage is critical in the college recruiting process. Coaches rely on video to evaluate potential student athletes for their program.

        Contacting College Programs

        College Recruiting Coordinator Kara Hill spends hours with clients preparing them for phone calls to college coaches and assisting with follow up emails. Once you begin the recruiting process, you should expect to spend 2-4 hours a week making phone calls and emailing coaches. This is where athletes drop the ball! Maintaining your database, remaining in contact with coaches, and making phone calls is all on the athlete and their family. MRS provides continuous support on how to be successful.

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