If I do not make a top team can I still be recruited?

During the tryout season the most frequently asked question I receive is, “If I do not make a top team can I still be recruited?” This post is especially dedicated to you. If you do not make a top team you can still absolutely be recruited! It’s painful to see you simply give up your dream to play in college while facing rejection. You put a tremendous amount of pressure on yourself to make a top team. Furthermore, the only thing in your control is how hard you work and what you contribute to your team.

Learning to be resilient and accept rejection is one of the greatest gift sports can offer you as an athlete. It’s one of the most important lessons in life. We all face rejection, hardships, embarrassment, and failure. ALL OF US!  In life you will face failure. It’s how you deal with failure that will determine your success.

Focus on the long term. Do you have a love for the game? Do you enjoy playing every time you step foot on the court? If you are answering yes to these questions,  you can use this rejection to help drive you to be better. Choose yourself! Do not allow someone to get in your head and prevent you from playing the sport you love! Developing a positive mindset moving forward will help you face these challenges.

During the club season you can attend one of my recruiting showcases. These events empower you to take ownership of your future while gaining exposure in front of college coaches. All of the talent is evenly distributed among the gym. In addition, this is your opportunity to shine and play with girls who are being recruited by some of the top college programs in the nation!

Best of luck to you in tryout season! I am always available to provide insight on how to achieve your dreams to play in college. My passion is guiding student athletes through this process while building a brand. To schedule a consultation email [email protected].