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Recruiting Tip of the Day – Prepare for college recruiting camps!

College Recruiting Camps

Kara Hill’s College Recruiting Tip of the Day: You need to prepare for this summers college recruiting camps prior to attending.

In my previous post about summer camp I discussed how important it is to qualify the camp before investing money to attend.  Many families make the mistake of sending their student athlete to camp to get “discovered.”  Although it’s not impossible, it is also not likely that this will happen for your athlete.

Do your research and find out who the coaches are that will be running the camp.

Not every college offers a summer camp, some college coaches work at alternative camps.  Take the time to find out who all the coaches are so you can send a note with video footage.

For more information on choosing the right summer camp click here.  If you need assistance with the college recruiting process contact Kara Hill.  You can email her at [email protected] or call 949-264-1454.


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