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The Importance of Classroom Success in Recruiting

Success in recruiting is not just about doing well on the field, your performance in the classroom is just as important.  It’s no secret that college costs thousands of dollars.  The reality is not every student athlete will receive a full scholarship at the Division 1 level.  Student athletes who receive a 3.5 gpa or higher over the course of their high school years can receive a full academic scholarship to college. That could be worth $250,000 or more.

Regardless of your athletic abilities, a college coach needs to know that they can count on you when you get to college.  Working hard in the classroom shows a coach that you are a dedicated student athlete.  When I work with recruits, I talk about the recruiting process like hunting down your first real job.  Look at college as a career, the coach as your boss and your scholarship as your paycheck.  You could be earning $50,000-$60,000 per year to be a student athlete.  The college coaches paycheck depends on your success not only on the court but in the classroom.  We explain it this way not to put you under additional pressure, but to help you understand the commitment of playing at the next level.





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