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Biggest Recruiting Mistake #2

Biggest Recruiting Mistake #2 that families most commonly make is underestimating your student athletes abilities!

There are many scholarships available, and you don’t need to be the best athlete on your team or in your league in order to earn an athletic scholarship.  Of course, you need to be skilled at your sport, but blue chip players are not the only athletes receiving scholarships.  Many athletes do not even attempt to get a scholarship because they don’t believe they are good enough to play at the next level.  Truly, there are so many options available to girls volleyball players that if you are passionate about the game you can absolutely find a place to call him!

As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I work with athletes of all abilities.  I have been successful helping student athletes who are not strong enough to make their high school volleyball team find a scholarship.  Keep an open mind, get evaluated, and have a positive attitude.  This is an emotional journey filled with ups and downs.  So you really need to prepare yourself emotionally.

If you need guidance on the college recruiting process, send me an email to [email protected] and I will offer your family a free consultation.  I’m always here to answer questions and provide guidance throughout this journey.  I work with college coaches to help develop a recruiting strategy, club directors to establish a solid educational recruiting foundation at the club, and to young athletes who are driven to play at the next level.

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