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Empower your student athlete, do not be the helicopter parent!

Empower your student athlete to take charge of the recruiting process, and provide support every step of the way.  The decision your teenager is faced with has an effect on his/her future, so be sure you allow them to take a principle role in the process.  This process can be very extremely overwhelming if you become a helicopter parent.  

I’m currently working with a student athlete whose family is overly involved and creating self doubt in their student athletes mind.  This athlete has had multiple offers, programs who are lining up out the door to recruit the kid, but nothing seems “good enough” in the family’s mind.  This athlete has not visited many college campuses and is really struggling on how to make a decision.  We will make serious progress in a meeting, but by the next day there is doubt in the athlete’s mind and we are back to square 1.

The role of the parent is to be supportive.  Obviously you are the one forking out the money, but the fact is if your student athlete doesn’t get out there to visit college campuses, this process is going to be very overwhelming!  It’s going to seem impossible to make a decision.  By empowering your student athlete to make phone calls to coaches, your athlete becomes confident and grows through the process.  It’s truly amazing to watch.  Do not be the helicopter parent who is calling coaches on your child’s behalf.  Your son/daughter is the person who has to play for the coach, and he/she has to be happy with the choice that is made.

By empowering your student athlete to be proactive you are teaching them an amazing life lesson.  Create a checklist of what needs to be accomplished and allow your athlete to check each item off as he/she accomplishes one.  For more tips and guidance on the recruiting process, contact Kara Hill a college recruiting expert at 888-354-0052.

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