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Attention high school volleyball seniors who are not recruited – This post is for you!

Around this time of year, seniors who have not been recruited go into complete panic mode! As a parent of a senior, you are questioning what you did wrong, and if your child is good enough to play in college. Your child’s friends are committed, or completing college apps with some idea of what they are looking for in a college, meanwhile your child is pursuing a dream to play in college. At this moment, most parents feel totally helpless and powerless. If you are reading this post, most likely you have found yourself in this position. I have advice for you, RELAX! It’s not too late! The majority of volleyball players do not get picked up until their senior year.

The recruiting process is an emotional journey. Every student athlete’s journey varies greatly. The process is similar in how you write your emails, and share video, but the journey is completely different based on your goals. I don’t want to make that part sound easy, because the truth is there is a ton of strategy in how you write your emails and share video. It’s definitely not as simple as sending out a few emails, or everyone would get recruited right?! As a college volleyball recruiting expert, families approach me to help them through the recruiting process with different intentions. Some of these reasons include: looking for an athletic scholarship to pay for their child’s education,  a leg up into a higher academic institution, and simply looking for a home to play at the next level. Regardless of your goals, the good news is I can certainly help point you in the right direction, whether we are working together or not. My passion is to educate families through this process.

As a family, my best advice is to sit down and determine some actual goals. Does your child have a potential major, location, or college they are interested in attending? What are your financial goals? Obviously, everyone wants to get as close to debt free as possible, but what can you afford to contribute toward your child’s education? Begin by writing down these goals/needs. Not every athlete will be able to go to the top athletic program in the nation, even as a walk on, so you want to approach this process with some ideas of what your child’s needs are in a college. It’s not a bad idea to tour a few local college campuses to get a feel for the various sizes, and what colleges have to offer. This will help your child begin to envision what they are looking for in their college experience.

I offer recruiting consultations at no charge. So, feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at 714-323-8088 to schedule a consult. The meeting is educational and puts things into better perspective, so if you decide to tackle this process on your own or we work together, you have a better understanding of how this process actually works. It’s important to find ways to stand out from the competition.

Best of luck to you in your journey!

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