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Why Is My Recruiting Solutions Different?

As a parent of a student athlete, you have many choices when it comes to choosing a college recruiting service to help your child through the recruiting process.  It can be a duanting task comparing and contrasting all the companies that are out there.  I’d like you to know what makes My Recruiting Solutions so much different.

MRS is an educational recruiting resource. During our first meeting we discuss what your child’s overall goals are when it comes to playing a sport in college.  There are student athletes who are going to school to play their sport and there are student athletes that are going to school to get their education.  There are two very different paths, and then of course you have some that meet in the middle.  At any rate, it’s important to establish goals.  Our Recruiting Coordinators help your student athlete identify personal, academic and athletic goals for their future.  At each meeting, we review these goals and make any necessary modifications along the way.  It’s amazing to see the growth and maturity these teenagers experience during this exciting time.  This is one of the many major differentiators when it comes to the services available to assist you throughout this process.

MRS is hands on when it comes to the recruiting process.  Our goal is to help you every step of the way.  Once we have identified some goals, we prepare a prospective list of college programs that are an academic and athletic fit.  This is important, we provide a list of programs that are consistent with what your student athlete is looking for in their college experience.  We begin with a list of 60-80 programs.  Your student athlete will end up contacting more than 60-80 programs but we have found that if you start with too many programs it becomes too overwhelming to maintain.  As a result, we will add programs to the list and remove programs off the list as we progress.  We help your student athlete create a general interest letter he/she will personalize.  We also provide recruiting videos for he/she to share.  Video is crucial for recruiting.  Some college programs do not have the budget to travel to the west coast to evaluate players!  At MRS, we understand what each program is looking for in their recruiting videos and they differ from coach to coach.  Some college coaches prefer DVD’s, some like skills videos, others will only watch unedited video.

When college coaches respond and show interest in a student athlete it doesn’t mean your student athlete will be recruited by this program.  It all comes down to how you follow up.  Here  is another one of the many major differentiators between My Recruiting Solutions and other services.  We walk you through how to follow up with each program.  There is a lot of strategy behind recruiting.  It is our goal to help you understand this whole process so your student athlete can be successful.  Many college coaches love our approach because it is hands on and our student athletes are confident going through this process.

The My Recruiting Solutions Team spends on average over 150 hours on each student athlete.  We build relationships with families and we take pride in each student athletes experience.  We hope this helps you understand the kind of service we provide and what makes us unique from our competitors.


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