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Are you prepared for the Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament?

Are you prepared for the Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament?

The Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament is one of the biggest college recruiting tournaments of the year.  Hundreds of college coaches attend this tournament each year to evaluate junior and senior volleyball players from around the world!  It’s an amazing opportunity to be evaluated by college coaches, if you have prepared in the weeks prior to the tournament!

Many student athletes, and their families make the mistake of thinking that an offer is going to magically appear if their student athlete is good enough!  This is not a likely scenario for the majority of student athletes at this event.  The reality is, there are over 1,500 college volleyball programs in the United States, and being “good enough” is not the only factor.  Being proactive and doing your homework is key to being successful.  It’s not in your best interest to sit back and wait no matter how talented you think your daughter is.  Ask yourself, is the risk of waiting worth $250,000?

What can I do to help my student athlete prepare?

If you have not begun the college recruiting process, I would suggest by getting an athletic evaluation.  You do not want to begin researching colleges until you have an idea of what kinds of athletic programs are a fit.  For example, is she capable of playing at the division 1 level?  I would highly recommend reviewing video of all levels of volleyball on YouTube.  Ask your daughter, and her coach if you all agree where she stands athletically.  The fact is, there are some division 2 programs that can outperform many division 1 programs.  You don’t want to focus strictly on a division.  You want to do your homework on the level of play.  If you need some guidance on an athletic evaluation, one of the services My Recruiting Solutions provides for our athletes is an academic and athletic evaluation.  MRS then creates a customized prospective list of college programs that are an academic, and athletic fit.  If you do this on your own, you can expect to spend roughly 100 hours on researching these programs.

Once you have a list of programs together, you need to put together a highlight reel!  Do not email a coach without video.  Your email is likely to be ignored.  The coach needs to decide whether you are an athletic fit, before putting your athlete down for a personal evaluation.  Take a look at our video at the bottom of this post.  It will give you an idea of what you need to put together.  This is another service My Recruiting Solutions provides for our clients.  You have 10 seconds to get the attention of the coach!

You need to also register your athlete for your free profile on University Athlete.  UA is a recruiting tool many college coaches use at tournaments to identify players and keep them organized in their system.  I highly recommend keeping this profile updated throughout the season.

These are just the beginning steps to prepare for the Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament.  If your family would like more information on how to prepare for major recruiting tournaments, or the college recruiting process, you can fill out our contact form, or send an email to College Volleyball Recruiting Expert Kara Hill at [email protected].  

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