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The SCVA Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament is almost here! Is your recruiting strategy in place?

The SCVA Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament is almost here!  Is your recruiting strategy in place?

We are days away from one of the largest recruiting tournaments of the year!  There is so much to be done if you are an unsigned senior or a junior looking to be recruited.  Hopefully you caught my previous blog post about what you needed to do leading up to the tournament!  The schedule will be posted soon, and it’s your job to notify all of the coaches you have been corresponding with where you will be playing at the start of the tournament.

Quick Tips from Kara Hill of My Recruiting Solutions:

  • Collect as many college coaches cell phone numbers that you can gather who have emailed you with interest, to text them your court number throughout the weekend.  This will prevent the coaches from having to revisit the pool sheets and track you down.
  • UPDATE your University Athlete Profile!  If you do not have one already, you need to complete the FREE online profile NOW!
  • Send updated video footage to all the coaches who you are corresponding with leading up to the tournament.
  • Have a brief meeting with your club coach to get an understanding of what your role will be on the team before the upcoming tournament.  Make sure to discuss your goals to play in college!
  • Get excited and be ready to have a lot of fun!

If you do not receive a lot of playing time, please do not panic!  It’s not the end of the world if you have made contact with college coaches and begun the recruiting process.  Do not give your coach a hard time, as it is a distraction and will likely have a negative impact on the situation.  If you are worried about being recruited, your mind will be focused on all the little things like making mistakes.  This tournament is meant to be competitive and fun.   Have a great attitude, be encouraging to your teammates, make the most out of every warm up, and bond with your team.  It’s the start of a great season together!

If you don’t feel prepared, need some assistance getting ready for the tournament, and are looking for a strategy, send college volleyball recruiting expert Kara Hill an email at [email protected].  My Recruiting Solutions is an educational resource for student athletes who want to play volleyball in college.  We are passionate about helping student athletes find the perfect fit and graduate debt free from college.

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