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Recruiting Tip: It’s May 1st, Day 1 of the Quiet Period!

Recruiting Tip: It’s May 1st, Day 1 of the Quiet Period!  What does this mean?

During a quiet period, NCAA Division 1 college coaches are not permitted to do any off-campus recruiting.  It is permissible for them to have you on campus, offer a tour, meet with admissions, academic advisors, and talk with you.  The quiet period begins on May 1st and ends on May 23rd.

During a quiet period, I would still recommend remaining in touch with college coaches.  You need to share updated video footage, and share how your team is performing.  Talk about the areas you feel you need to improve, and feel free to ask for constructive criticism from the college coach.  It shows you are open to receiving critical feedback, to learn how you can improve and compete for a spot on their roster!

Calling a coach over the phone will really help you stand out from the competition.  College coaches are receiving hundreds of inquiries from athletes all over the world.  They love hearing from dedicated student athletes who are truly interested in their program.  This can make the difference between getting an offer to play at your dream school, and being overlooked whether you are good enough to be a part of that team or not!

For personal guidance on the recruiting process, email [email protected] for a free consultation.  As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I can help you create a strategy for success leading up to the major end of year tournaments!  Whether you are receiving playing time, or not, you can absolutely still be recruited and stand out from the competition.


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