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College Sand Recruiting Tip

College Sand Recruiting Tip: Filming your student athlete is key!

College sand volleyball is a growing sport in the NCAA.  Many student athletes and their families have been asking me how to get recruited to play sand volleyball in college.  The reality is, it’s not much different than getting recruited indoor.  It’s critical to be proactive in reaching out to coaches, follow up over the phone, and provide lots of updated game footage to show your growth and progression throughout the season. However, before you email coaches with your video, you need to put some thought into what you are looking for in a college, a potential major, and even a career!

Due to the minimal recruiting budgets of these college sand volleyball programs, college coaches are relying on resources such as, the sand coaches responsible with training, USA High Performance for sand, and Recruiting Coordinators like myself to give them leads on players who want to play sand in college.  In order to evaluate a prospective student athlete, a coach needs to see a lot of video footage.  You need to share multiple video links throughout your season.  Take a look at one of our sand videos below to see an example.

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To see a list of NCAA College Sand Volleyball Programs click here.

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