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Recruiting Tip: Understanding how sand volleyball scholarships work!

Recruiting Tip: Understanding how sand volleyball scholarships work and how to be successful in earning a scholarship.

Sand volleyball is becoming increasingly popular among volleyball players, and it’s opening up some major doors for athletes who have experience.  Smaller players are being recruited to play in high level programs who would normally not have the same opportunities indoor.

So here is the deal, since sand volleyball is new to college sports, there is scholarship money available but few full scholarships are being distributed.  Some offers are for years 3 and/or 4, others are partial.  The coaches know that money will be available, the majority just cannot pinpoint when.  Be aware that the only direction this sport has, is up!  For example, UCLA is ahead by 1 year.  They were not suppose to have a sand program until 2014, however Stein Metzger had the privilege of coaching a team this year.

Last week I spoke to Chris Lamb from Wichita State.  Although they do not have a sand program yet, his athletic director is getting weekly calls from other programs in their conference.  Tom Hilbert from Colorado State shared with me that they are waiting for a few of the other schools in the Front Range region to move forward.  He knows it’s coming, he is excited about it, he is just not certain on the timeline.  Probably by 2015!  David McFatrich from University of Central Arkansas was asked to submit a proposal on the sport.  He is ecstatic about the potential at UCA.

Like any other recruiting process, you will begin with a short introductory email to the coach with video!  Do not send an email without including video footage.  Do not send attachments, and keep your emails to 6-8 sentences.  This is imperative!  Keep your emails short, sweet and to the point.  Whatever you do, do not ask about scholarship money.  It’s tasteless, like asking someone how much they make for a living.  Your highlight reel should look like the video in this post.  There is a lot of strategy when it comes to college recruiting, as a college volleyball recruiting expert, I can help you create a winning strategy for your student athlete.  I work with athletes from the United States and Canada on the recruiting process.  To set up a FREE consultation, email [email protected]

To continue to be updated on the progress of sand volleyball, and for a list of programs check out:

Collegesand is a fabulous resource for sand volleyball!

To see a highlight reel, check out:



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