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Recruiting Tip: Avoiding the “name game” when choosing a college!

Recruiting Tip: Avoiding the “name game” when choosing a college!

There are more than 1500 college volleyball programs in the United States.  Imagine the possibilities available when you think about how many colleges are available for you to play.  Some of the most prestigious schools in the country are schools many student athletes have not even heard of, but they offer a great education, financial package, and academic reputation.  So many players get caught up in the hype of choosing a school by playing the “name game.”  It’s important for parents and players to focus on the end goal, which is to find the perfect fit in a college academically, athletically, financially and socially!

To avoid playing the “name game,” start by doing some research on the US News World Report College Rankings website.  You can search for the top undergraduate schools based on your potential major.  For $29.95, you can sign up for College Compass, and receive expanded profiles which include entering class stats like SAT/ACT Scores and GPA’s.  I love how you can save schools, compare and even take notes.  By exploring this site, you will discover so many new and exciting opportunities.  Recently, I had an athlete turn down multiple division 1 opportunities, to attend a division 3 school called Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California.  The deciding factor came down to the personal attention Claremont McKenna offers their students.  At 4:00 pm everyday, the college professors have tea with all the students in the courtyard.  During this time you can request letters of recommendation, or ask questions about their experiences, receive mentoring etc.  Claremont McKenna is part of the Harvey Mudd schools.  They are ranked number 9 nationally in liberal arts colleges, and because they are part of a seven-college consortium, you can take classes at the other schools to increase your social network.

As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I travel the country touring schools and learn about what the programs have to offer.  My goal is to provide a clear path for student athletes who want to play volleyball in college.  My team at My Recruiting Solutions stresses the importance of choosing a school you love first, and a volleyball program second.  Do not worry about whether a school is in division 1, 2 or 3 because you may miss the boat on an amazing opportunity at a school you’ve never even heard of!  There are so many options, so tour local college campuses whether they are interested in recruiting you or not, because you will begin to identify some things that are important to you in your college experience.  You’ll be able to use this information to filter through schools, and identify which college volleyball programs are best to support your academic goals.

The recruiting process is exactly that, a process.  It takes time and research to find the perfect fit.  The time you should expect to spend on research, filming and editing is over 300 hours in one year.  This does not include travel.  To experience a more streamlined approach, and for guidance counseling on how to be successful, email [email protected]  My team has years of experience in identifying the needs of your athlete to best understand what she is looking for in her college experience.

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