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Recruiting Tip – Following Up After JO’s & AAU’s

Recruiting Tip – Following up with college coaches after JO’s and AAU’s is vital if you are going through the recruiting process.

College coaches have shared with me that they receive as many as 300 emails in a day leading up to a major recruiting tournament.  Do you know how many phone calls they receive?  I have taken a poll at each tournament, and the majority of programs reported as few as 1-4 in a week!  Why you may ask?  It’s a lot easier to send out an email than to pick up the phone and call a coach.  Many athletes have said they don’t know what to say or to ask!  This is alarming considering the decision they are faced to make has an effect on their life for the next 40 years.

Now that you are aware of these facts, you should realize how important following up with a coach after a tournament is, and how it can set you apart from the competition.  The best approach is to email the coach a personal email thanking them for a personal evaluation (if they came by your court!) and ask if they have a few minutes to chat over the phone.  This way you can plan and prepare for your call in advance.  You should create an outline of what you would like to discuss.  If you never saw the coach court side, it does not mean they did not take the time to evaluate you, but you should kindly send a message that you would appreciate a few minutes of their time to learn about their program.

As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I prepare an outline with my clientele for each phone call.  I advise she choose 3 elements that she finds interesting about the school, as well as potential majors, and career ideas.  This is especially important when you are calling a coach whose program is out of state.  A coach needs to have confidence that your athlete is ready to spread her wings and fly.

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