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Recruiting Tip: Writing Effective Emails To College Coaches

Recruiting Tip of the day: Learning to write effective emails to college coaches.

When addressing a college coach, begin the email with “Dear Coach ____”  (use the last name).  I have seen and heard from many college coaches who have shared student athletes will address them by their first name.  Their are coaches who will find this insulting, so out of respect, address the coach by their last name until they ask you to call them something different.

I want you to put yourself in a college coaches perspective here for a minute.  Ask yourself some questions.  What would stand out to you?  If you were recruiting a student athlete, what would you be looking for in their character, communication, and video?  Coaches receive hundreds of emails a day leading up to a major tournament.  If you were on the receiving end of a few hundred emails, what do you think would get your attention?

First, keep your emails short and sweet.  They should not exceed 6-8 sentences and you always should include video!   Nine times out of ten you will not receive a response unless this coach already has a relationship with you!  Do not send DVD’s.  There are only 3 college volleyball programs (out of over 1,500) in the nation who still request DVD’s.  It would be best if you create a highlight reel and upload the video onto YouTube.  Send the email to yourself first and take a look at it on your phone.  Does it look too long?  Are you scrolling down several times to get to the bottom of your email where your video link is posted?  There are several strategies you can use to stand out from the competition.  These are just a few.

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