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Recruiting Tip: The power of a handwritten thank you note!

Handwritten thank you notes are almost unheard of these days! Most communication is exchanged via email, text, or over the phone. Let’s face it, technology has made it so easy to reach out to ask a question, say hi, or thank someone for a nice gesture or there time. When was the last time you actually received a handwritten note? Sit back and reflect a moment about what you did with the card someone wrote to you. You probably put it on your refrigerator, or hung it an office or gathering space. Thank you notes bring a smile to all our faces, as we appreciate the time someone spent on sitting down to actually write it. There are a lot of steps involved. You had to pick up a card from your local store, think about what you want to say, write the words in your best penmanship, locate the address to send the card, and lastly put a stamp on an envelope to send it off to the person. It’s not complicated, but it is time consuming.

You will not believe the impact a handwritten thank you note can have on your journey! A few years ago, I worked with an athlete who took my advice and sent the handwritten thank you note to a coach who was at the top of her recruiting list. This was the first thank you note this coach had ever received from a prospective student athlete. This coach had already been coaching for 10 years! She was so impressed, she not only extended her an offer, she hung it in her office and spoke about it on many occasions during practices. The card is still hanging in the coaches office to this day. She sincerely appreciated the gesture made by my client.

When you go on a visit, or participate in a camp, you need to send a handwritten thank you note to everyone involved who made your experience pleasant. Send the cards to the athletic department in a large envelope and personally address each person in a separate card. The college coach will pass your card along, and talk about how nice it was to receive it.

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