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Urgent Recruiting Tip for Athletes Playing Beach Volleyball!

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy on the beach! There have been tons of college coaches in town recruiting, which has provided an amazing opportunity for exposure. As I have sat with each coach discussing there needs, the complaints regarding the bikini bottoms are alarming! If you are a parent of a student athlete who is playing beach volleyball you need to pay attention right now. The college coaches are NOT happy with the choice of suits these girls are wearing. They feel each time they come to recruit, the swim bottoms are getting smaller and smaller. The coaches are finding it very uncomfortable to evaluate talent, and are pleading with you to make your daughter cover up. In college the girls must wear spandex, or shorts and a tank top. They would like to see the same on the beach. Some of the coaches have a more conservative opinion than others, but you need to know that across the board, they all have expressed concern!

It would be a good idea to request tank tops with your daughter’s last name from your club. This also makes it easier to locate you throughout the tournament. If tank tops or t-shirts are unavailable, you may want to look online and create your own. Especially if you do not have a coach or an advocate on the beach. University Athlete (the primary recruiting tool for college coaches) is not available as of now, so coaches are unable to track you in real time. This makes it very difficult to follow prospective student athletes over the course of a weekend.  It’s in your best interest to be texting the college coaches your schedule, court number etc throughout the tournaments. You can also write your last name and Sand Recruits profile number on the back of your leg.

We have been on the beach every day during these tournaments answering questions on our players, and pointing coaches in the right direction. If you are looking for guidance and support throughout the recruiting process, email or call me at 714-323-8088. Our primary goal is to help you find the perfect fit for your daughter, academically, athletically, and socially.