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Recruiting Tip: When is the best time to send emails?

Recruiting Tip: When is the best time to send emails?

The recruiting process is very similar to a chess game. There is a lot of strategy involved, beginning with when to send email’s to college coaches. My first recommendation is for emails to be emailed late on Sunday evening. Many college coaches have recruiting meetings on Monday morning, and if you are one of the first emails they review in the morning, chances are if they like what they see, your name may come up in the meeting. During the day can be difficult, and your email could be overlooked. Coaches are getting tons of emails on a daily basis, so I’d recommend emailing in the early morning hours, or after 5:00 pm.

If mom and dad are helping the student athlete through the recruiting process, make sure you are not sending emails during schools hours, as this is a dead giveaway that the student athlete is not involved. Also, make sure the email account is registered to your daughter, with her first and last name, not yours. This is another BIG mistake families make when going through the recruiting process!

Getting recruited to play volleyball in college is no easy task. There are a lot of moving pieces and variables to every athletes journey. If you are seeking personal guidance, click on the link below, fill in the appointment request, and I will schedule a free consultation with you family. Regardless if you decide to move forward working together, or do this on your own, you will leave more empowered and with a better understanding of what you need to be doing to be successful.

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