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Why Sand Volleyball Improves Your Indoor Game!

Why Sand Volleyball Improves Your Indoor Game!

Sand volleyball is exploding in the U.S. as college programs are offering scholarships to young women.  Currently, there are 41 college programs recruiting for sand, but this number is expected to grow tremendously in the next few years.  Playing volleyball in the sand offers many advantages to indoor players who want to improve their game.  As summer is approaching, athletes are always asking how they can improve before the high school season begins.  I asked Christine Phillips, Beach Director of Texas Advantage Volleyball Club in Dallas, Texas to share her thoughts on sand.

Christine said, “Most people’s first response to playing in the sand is that is increases your vertical, which it does, but to add to the vertical, it also helps your joints.  Not only is the sand better for your body, but it also helps to strengthen those joints.  In addition, when you play in the sand as a middle you are learning to pass and move faster, libero’s and setters are learning how to terminate, and the outsides are improving their shots, ball control, and vertical.”

Regardless of your weaknesses indoor, in the sand, there are only two of you and communication is key.  As an athlete, you’ll face your weaknesses head on, improve on your ball control which makes you a better player, and when you return indoors, you’ll expand on your digging range with your speed and agility.  You will also improve your ability to read players, and predict what will happen in the game.  This is one of the most important skills of all.  Being able to anticipate an opponents shot will help you in every position indoor and on the sand!

Whether you see yourself playing sand volleyball in college or not, there are many benefits to training in the sand.  My suggestion is to put your sunscreen on, get out in the sand and have some fun!   Your body will thank you, and so will your coach.  If you are interested in getting recruited to play indoor or sand in college, send an email to [email protected] to set up your free consultation.  As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I walk your family step by step through the recruiting process until you are committed.

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