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Recruiting Tip: Preparing for unofficial and official visits to college campuses!

Recruiting Tip: Preparing for unofficial and official visits to college campuses!

It’s spring time, and this is the time of year many student athletes and their families begin visiting colleges.  It’s important for you to know, although you may be a ninth, tenth, or an eleventh grader, you can absolutely set up a meeting with the college coach and ask questions about their program.  Do not make the mistake of investing money to travel to see college campuses and miss the opportunity to meet the coach in person.  For many college coaches, this investment means they can take you seriously as a potential recruit.  They receive thousands of emails from athletes all over the country, and going on a visit can definitely separate you from the competition.

The NCAA rules do not prohibit you from meeting with the coach.  You can call, or email a coach at any time.  You may begin to wonder about what will happen while you are on your visit.  The college coach will typically send an itinerary, and schedule meetings with someone in admissions, the players, a campus tour, and if it’s possible, you’ll be able to observe a practice.  In some cases, you can practice with the team.

While on your visit, you need to be prepared to ask a lot of questions!  If you do not ask questions, it makes you look like you are not interested in the school and the program.  So make sure you are prepared!  I have included a list of quality questions to take with you on your visit.  For guidance on navigating through the recruiting process successfully, email college volleyball recruiting expert Kara Hill at [email protected].  We can schedule a free consultation to understand your goals and set up a strategy for success.

Questions for Unofficial and Official Visits:

Questions for Coach:

  1. What are your goals for the next 4 years?
  2. What is your coaching style?
  3. How do you feel I will impact your program?
  4. Do most of your student athletes graduate within four years?
  5. What would you say are the school’s strongest academic components?
  6. Do the student athletes receive academic support?
  7. What is your travel schedule?
  8. Do student athletes receive more time to complete their work on the road?
  9. What do student athletes do in the offseason?
  10. Are student athletes able to work in the offseason?
  11. Where do your students store their belongings when they leave home for summer?
  12. Is summer school required?
  13. Are student athletes able to come home at Thanksgiving?
  14. Where am I on your list of recruits for ___ graduating class?

Questions for Professor/Academic Advisors:

  1. How would you describe the student body’s personality?
  2. How is this school distinctive?
  3. How would you describe your relationships with students?
  4. How large are typical freshman courses?
  5. What kinds of internship or study abroad experiences would be possible if I major in business?
  6. Does this college give credit for courses taken on other campuses?  Does this college accept credit from only those campuses abroad where it has its own programs?
  7. What is the social and political atmosphere of the surrounding community?  Do students ever become involved in town life?
  8. How is advising system set up for freshmen and who does the advising?
  9. How much time do students typically spend on homework?
  10. What is the average class size of the introductory classes?
  11.  How often are teaching assistants used on campus?
  12. What is the average class size of the upper division courses?
  13. What percentage of freshman return for sophomore year?
  14. What types of tutoring programs are available to student athletes?

Questions about Student Life:

  1. What percentage of students lives on campus?
  2. How many students live on campus
  3. Do a lot of students go home over the weekend?
  4. What kinds of food are available on campus?
  5. What kinds of activities are available on campus?
  6. Do any of the volleyball players become involved in the Greek life?