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Recruiting Tip: Social Media and College Recruiting

Recruiting Tip: Social Media and College Recruiting

Does your athlete have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media accounts?  Have you ever looked on their profile and seen an inappropriate post?  I would highly encourage you monitoring all social media accounts your child is using, because college coaches will most definitely be using their accounts as a tool to decide whether or not they will be a good representative of their institution.  Keep in mind, a college coach has a scholarship potentially worth over $250,000.  Coaches are looking for student athletes who are going to be excellent role models.

As a college recruiting expert, I receive inquiries from college coaches nationwide who are searching for student athletes who will be a perfect fit for their program.  There have been many reports of student athletes who have had their scholarship offers rescinded due to inappropriate posts.  Your student athlete needs to keep their profiles squeaky clean!  Be aware that college coaches will also be paying attention to their “friends.”  It’s crucial your student athlete is not in any photographs where alcohol is present.

It’s important to have a conversation with your student athlete about the power of social media and the negative effects it can have on college recruiting and their careers.  Inappropriate posts are one of the biggest college recruiting mistakes student athletes make, and it can have a devastating effect on their future.  For more information on how you can stand out from the competition, schedule a free consult by emailing [email protected].


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