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Why have college coaches stopped responding to my emails?

“Why have college coaches stopped responding to my emails”, is a common question families ask me this time of year.

You may be asking yourself if you did something wrong, or if the coach decided on another student athlete.  You are not alone if you feel this way!  The fact is, we are now in a “Quiet Period”, and soon will follow a “Dead Period”.  Throughout a “quiet period” college coaches may not have any face-to-face interaction with a college bound student athlete or their parents.  They may not evaluate a student athlete off campus, or visit their high school.  Coaches may email and call student athletes during the course of a “quiet period,” however consider the time of year.  It’s December, and for the college coaches who have completed their season, many are taking some much needed time off to spend with family and friends.  The “quiet period” for 2013 is from December 2nd – December 17th.

Following the “quiet period” is a “dead period.”  The “dead period” is from December 18 – 31st in 2013.  There are 2 exceptions to the “dead period.”  Coaches who are attending the AVCA Annual Awards Banquet may have “incidental” contact with 2 year college prospects who are being honored; however, there may be no discussion regarding recruiting.  The second exception is during the NCAA Division 1 Women’s Volleyball Championship.  The coaches are able to attend an event within a 30 mile radius of the National Championship in Seattle, Washington between December 19-22nd.  The coaches are only able to attend 1 day of the event.

Beginning on January 1 – January 17th is a “quiet period” once again.  Following this “quiet period” we will begin to see many college coaches at tournaments anxiously evaluating athletes.  After all, they have taken time off to spend time with family, the holiday season is over, and now it’s back to business.

If you are feeling in a panic, drop me an email at [email protected].  I’ll be happy to talk you through a strategy for December/January.  The most important thing you can do right now is to focus on your academics, and do the best you can on your finals.  Then, take some time off and enjoy the holidays!


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