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Volleyball Recruiting Video Tips

Volleyball Recruiting Video Tips

The following 10 volleyball recruiting tips are important to follow if you are creating your own videos for college coaches to review.

1. Always begin your video so player can be identified easily, leaving another second or two at the beginning of the video.

2. Outside hitters are hard to identify if you film from right back, so show them getting 2 kills right away, and the coach will know who the athlete is ending each rally.

3. For DS/Libero’s, start the highlight reel with a serve and then make a highlight, such as a great dig.

4. Try to have the most highlights from the same set to begin the video.

5. Keep the player in the front or back row 2-4 times before switching, but it needs to be her best representation, so arrange accordingly.

6. Make sure the player is getting several touches within the first 30 seconds. You can include highlights where she isn’t touching the ball as frequently, but they should be used in the middle or end of video, not the beginning.

7. Limit the same looking play to two highlights.

8. Setters need to show variety of plays. Try to pick highlights where the setter makes several sets in one rally. This was the college coach can evaluate your setting decisions. Blocking and then setting always a great highlight. Do not include multiple dumps and easy plays. Your highlight reel should consist of video of your athlete competing against the toughest competitors.

9. Pick the clips where the team wins the rally. If you do not win, be careful to evaluate the body language of the athlete.

10. Do not show a lot of aces. One or two in a highlight reel max.

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