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Kara Hill’s College Recruiting Tip of the Day: Keep it Clean!

Kara Hill’s College Recruiting Tip of the Day: Keep it clean!  This morning I tweeted that I was looking for topics to discuss with student athletes this week.  Although I have stressed the importance of being careful with what student athletes post on their social media accounts, Coach Meyers from Roberts Wesleyan College tweeted back “Twitter and Facebook: keep it clean or make it private!”  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  A few days ago Coach David Hill, the University of Charleston Assistant Football Coach had tweeted they dropped a recruit in the last week because of his inappropriate “Tweets.”  Can you imagine the family’s reaction to their son losing over $150,000 because he posted inappropriately?  I am pleading with you to share this with your athlete!

Parents, I can’t stress enough the importance of supervising your student athletes social media accounts.  It can cost your son or daughter a college scholarship and effect their future careers.

This is one of the most common biggest recruiting mistakes that athletes make throughout high school.

Take the time to look over all your athletes postings including their Instagram accounts.  Delete any images or posts that you feel are inappropriate!

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