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Biggest Recruiting Mistakes #4

Biggest Recruiting Mistakes #4 – Under-performing in the classroom

This is a mistake that inevitably can cost a student athlete a ton of money and a lot of opportunity.  Coaches are seeking student athletes who can perform on and off the court.  You need to take each year of high school really seriously as a student athlete.  Each class, each semester, each year COUNTS!  Do not let anyone convince you that it’s any other way.

Did you know you can actually get a full academic scholarship with a 3.5 gpa?  This equates to over $160,000!!!  When it comes to college recruiting, coaches look at the full package.  They evaluate your high school transcripts, as well as the player on the court.  Depending on the division and conference, a coach is able to offer a full scholarship, or partial.  Their goal is to get you as much money as they can afford in their budget.

This does not mean if you underperformed in the classroom that you cannot get recruited, or that you cannot play in college.  However, the opportunities may be different.  For example, you may consider a junior college route to give you a fresh start.  The junior colleges offer full scholarships, including room and board as well.  You can still move away from home and have a college experience, but it may not have been at the traditional 4 year you expected.  Sometimes the junior college route is a better route for an athlete, especially if they are trying to get recruited to play at a higher level than what they are currently being recruited as, or they want a fresh start as I shared above.

By working hard in the classroom, it will come back to reward you over and over again.  There are billions of dollars out there in scholarship money, you just need to look for it.  The bottom line is, the harder you work in the classroom, the more choices you have when it comes to educational institutions, and scholarship money to pay for school.  You want to make it a priority to graduate in the least amount of debt as possible, and this can be a challenge considering the tuition rates continue to rise far past the rate of inflation.  In fact, Stanford raised their tuition rates by 7% just last year!

This is where developing a strategy and identifying your goals for recruiting applies.  You will hear me talk a lot about strategy, and sometimes it can be confusing.  Every student athlete needs to identify their goals, and create a game plan.  The strategy will differ from indoor, to sand, by position, major, career goals etc.  As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I help players, parents and even college coaches with developing strategies.  If you need guidance with college recruiting, send an email to [email protected] or click on the “Register” button below.  I would be happy to set up a FREE consultation via Skype with your family.

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