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Biggest Recruiting Mistake #5

Biggest Recruiting Mistake #5 – Relying solely on your coach!

This is a mistake that can have a detrimental impact on any athletes future.  Unfortunately, it’s very common!  Your coach and club director are amazing resources.  However, you cannot expect them to go out and get you a college scholarship!  This process takes a significant amount of time and energy to navigate through, and your coach will absolutely come into the picture when a college coach needs to talk with him or her.  As a student athlete, you have got to figure out what you are looking for in a college experience BEFORE you turn to your coach.

The last several blog posts focused on the Biggest Recruiting Mistakes families make throughout this process.  The mistakes included: Thinking you will be actively recruited, Underestimating your abilities, Making poor choices, Under-performing in the classroom and of course my last mistake in this series is above, Relying solely on your coach.  As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I travel throughout the United States and Canada to educate families, and coaches on the recruiting process.  I even create strategies to develop how college coaches recruit.  My passion is helping student athletes find the perfect fit in a college program, and graduate college in the least amount of debt or no debt at all.

Below are some tips to help you navigate through this process successfully:

1. Visit a few local college campuses – whether you can fit in academically/athletically or not; it’s important to get a feel for what college campuses are like and help you determine whether you see yourself in a larger or smaller school. So visit 3 very different schools! Public, private, religious etc.

2. Review your high school transcripts!  What is your gpa?  You need to understand where you are academically to focus on schools that are academic fit.

3. Get EVALUATED!  Do you have video? Send it to MRS, I have 2 time Olympic medalist Eric Sato on my staff, he will provide you with an extensive athletic evaluation.  Or, this is where you can rely on your coach!  You can also watch college volleyball on YouTube and compare yourself/student athlete to the the players on the team.  Begin by taking a look at the schools you visited.  How do you fit in?

4. Take a personality test on . This is a phenomenal resource that will help your student athlete discover potential majors and careers.  Once my athletes take this test, I help them explore all sorts of careers and even help set up internships and shadow programs to help them decide if it’s an area they want to focus on.  College tuition is continuing to rise, you really need your student to have direction as to what they want to major in…they don’t necessarily need a life plan, however they definitely need to have some ideas!

5. Begin emailing college programs that are an academic and athletic fit! Do not forget your video links!  This is another area where MRS can provide you guidance and assistance.  I create prospect lists for my clients (academic, athletic and social fit) that include all the contact information for the coaches, as well as your video links to share.  You should be emailing 60 programs.  This is critical!  Cast a wide net, and narrow later.  At this point, you probably have no idea what you even want in a college.  As you build relationships with college coaches, you will soon discover what will be the best fit.

6. Ultimately, once you have narrowed a list of programs, then schedule an appointment with your coach or your club director.  Now that you are corresponding with several college programs, you can have the coaches reach out on your behalf.  Perhaps they can provide answers to where you stand on the recruiting lists, and advocate for you at that time.  Can you see how you will get a better response from your coaching staff?  Not only will you likely receive support, now you have done the leg work and figured out what you want in your college experience.  You are not putting all your eggs in one basket, and relying on someone else to do the work.

My outline above will take the majority of families over 300 hours to perform.  My staff spends over 100 hours with 1 family!  To schedule a FREE consultation, email me at .  The average financial package our clients walk away with is well over $100,000!  Now that’s the kind of return on investment you are probably seeking by having your athlete play volleyball in the first place.

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