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What should I expect in a college visit?

What should I expect in a college visit?  College visits are an exciting part of every student athletes journey!  It’s the opportunity to envision whether you can see yourself attending the college or university.  Visits can be very expensive, so the preparation is key to make the most our of your investment.

If a college coach is showing interest in your athlete, it is really important to learn as much about the college online.  There are some fabulous resources such as the US News College Rankings Website, and YouTube!  The US News site provides a great summary on the prospective college, and the information flows nicely. Some of the college websites can be overwhelming, so I prefer to read the summary on the rankings website.  The majority of colleges have their own YouTube Channel, so you can go on a campus tour, see the dorm rooms, learn about the clubs and organizations and see if you can picture yourself on campus.  I would highly recommend you do this initial research prior to purchasing a plane ticket and a hotel room across the country.  You may discover that the school is not a fit based on your initial research and conversations with the coach.

While on your visit, you need to have plenty of questions with you!  If you are not prepared, you look like you are not interested.  You need to keep in mind that coaches need to feel confident that your son/daughter is ready to move away from home.  That you are ready to make this commitment!  Most coaches will set up a campus tour and either personally walk you through the campus, have a player walk you through campus, or have you experience the normal tour.  You will want to ask questions throughout the tour because whomever is walking you through the campus will absolutely inform the coach what you were like.  In addition to a walk-through of the campus, it is also likely you will meet with a professor, or a dean; it’s imperative that you have questions for this person.

To receive a list of the questions I recommend for my athletes, drop me a message and I will email you a downloadable form.  As college volleyball recruiting expert, I travel throughout the United States and Canada to educate athletes, their families, and even college coaches on the recruiting process. While on the road, I visit colleges along the way.  The photos in this post are from Eckerd College, Marist, and Chestnut Hill College.  To set up a free consultation, email me at [email protected] .


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