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Key to College Recruiting

I have the privilege of speaking in front of hundreds of student athletes and their families all of the time.  I love hosting college recruiting seminars because it allows me to share my true passion for this process.  One of the most commonly asked questions student athletes ask is, “What is the key to success in college recruiting?”  The answer is really simple; this process is about building relationships!   So many athletes underestimate the power of building a relationship with prospective college coaches.  They are so intimidated to get on the phone and reach out to coaches.  The fact is, college coaches want to recruit student athletes who want to go to their school.  They want athletes that are going to make a positive contribution to the program.  If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

I love helping athletes prepare to make these phone calls and reach out to the coaches.  It’s exciting to watch students mature and discover what they are looking for in their college experience.  When you ask teenagers to make these calls, the majority have the same response which is, “I don’t know what to ask or to say.”  Making these calls is a huge step, but it’s a necessity to be recruited.  Over time, your student athlete will build great relationships with these coaches.  He/she will eventually be able to sort out which programs to visit and which to pass.

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