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It’s the final stretch, push yourself to finish strong in the classroom!

You are in the final stretch, but you need to push yourself hard and strong to finish strong in the classroom!

It’s easy to slack off and begin daydreaming of summer break but I promise you will regret this decision in the long term!  Finishing this year off with a bang can dramatically increase the amount of scholarship money you will receive when it’s time to pay for college.

It’s hard to convince a teenager that working through the fatigue will pay off, so I suggest writing it down in dollars and cents.  There are many college institutions that offer full tuition scholarships for having a cumulative GPA of over a 3.5 – 3.7. Performing well could make the difference of receiving a full scholarship!  Crazy right?  Every point will cost you!

Suggestions for the final push:

  • Reward system – movie tickets, day at the spa, shopping trip – what will motivate your student? 
  • Compile a list of local colleges & scholarship information so they can see the facts
  • Study group at home with friends
  • Provide loads of encouragement

As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I’m always searching for ways to empower my clients to work hard and finish strong!  My goal is to be a cheerleader who is encouraging and offers solutions to the challenges my athletes face.  For more tips on college recruiting, contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 888-354-0052.

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