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Hot Tips For Senior Scholarship Seekers This Summer!

Summer is rapidly approaching! While your teen may be thrilled to begin sleeping in, and hanging out with friends, it is the perfect time to research potential scholarships they are eligible to apply for in the fall. The goal is to take advantage of the time you have off, by preparing for the very demanding application process.

I have listed a few easy steps your teen can complete in between vacations, bbq’s and time by the pool:

1. Get a head start, research and create a list of scholarships that you meet the eligibility requirements for while you have the time. You can create a profile on Fastweb, as well as other scholarship engines to do your search. The majority of application deadlines fall during the busiest times of the year, so create a list of which scholarships you want to apply for and create a database to include the deadlines. Take the time to list the eligibility requirements, deadline, link to the application and any other pertinent details.

2. Review the scholarship winners from previous years and read their essays or learn from their experience. Do you notice any trends with a style of writing or even the essay prompts?

3. Volunteer and become involved in your community, church, school or any other organizations you may belong to. It’s great for your resume and it will give you a leg up in both the college and scholarship application process.

4. Create your game plan for the scholarship applications! How are you going to be unique and stand out from the competition. Creating your game plan will help you stay ahead and prepare for your deadlines. Complete as much of the work as you can during the summer so you have little to do in the fall or spring.

For more tips and guidance on college scholarships contact Kara Hill via email: [email protected] and she can put you into contact with a scholarship specialist to help you get through the process successfully.

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