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What do I do when a college coach is trying to evaluate me and I’m not playing?

This is a reality for many players who are sharing play time with other student athletes.  I am constantly on my clients to be building relationships with coaches, and do you want to know why?  Because if you have been calling the coach and building a relationship with them they are more likely to wait around for quite some time to see you play.  (There are also many other reasons for building relationships with coaches!)  The college coach feels that you are “worth” their time because you have personally put the effort into communicating with them.

Anyone can send an email, and the college coach doesn’t even know for sure who is emailing them. The student athlete or the parent?  However, when you are calling the coach you get to know one another.  College coaches are evaluating numerous players on a very limited budget.  When they are at a tournament, they have to evaluate a hundred or more players at a time who have contacted them.  So if they come to your court or field and you are not playing, some may pick up and leave and others will keep an eye on you.  They may walk away at the start of the game but come right back to check on you.  Countless college coaches have me on speed dial at a tournament and will text me to find out if my players are playing at that moment.  They cannot speak to the parents or to the players but they can go through me.

You have got to realize that their is a lot of competition!  What are you going to do to set yourself apart from the competition?!  The MRS Team focuses on setting you apart from the competition.