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Recruiting Mistake: Thinking It Will Just Happen

Believing that a student athlete will be recruited and it will just happen is one of the BIGGEST recruiting mistakes we see on a daily basis.  Many families believe if their child is good enough it will just happen for them.  The biggest problem with this mentality is you are limiting your child to opportunities that are presented to him/her instead of researching which opportunities are the best fit for their future.  This is what My Recruiting Solutions is all about, finding the perfect fit for your child.  This is a four year commitment for a 40 year lifestyle.

When I hear a family say, “if she is good enough, it will happen” I typically ask if they have $250,000 saved to spend for college.  Why would you want to spend all that money on a college education when your child is talented enough to receive scholarship money to play?  The majority of the families I see are competing in club sports, and truly believe that playing club will get them recruited.  Playing a club sport will get you the exposure you need to be recruited but unless you do all the work that comes with it, you will be a senior scrambler.  A senior scrambler is a student athlete who is in a panic his/her senior year in high school and is willing to just take whatever opportunity is presented because he/she doesn’t feel they have any other option.  So they are making a decision on desperation as opposed to logic. Do you honestly want your child to make a life changing decision out of desperation?

The reality is that if you want something, you have to go after it!  When you set goals, you set them to accomplish them.  The same goes for college recruiting.  Don’t make one of the biggest recruiting mistakes and just wait for something to happen.  You may be waiting for a very long time.