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MRS Success Stories: Chelsea Duhs Commits to Mississippi State

My Recruiting Solutions is excited about Chelsea Duh’s recent commitment to Mississippi State.  After Chelsea committed we sat down with her to discuss her journey.  We wanted to share some information about Chelsea’s journey to help others get inspired about the process.


When did you get started in the recruiting process?
During the spring of my Sophomore year I got started in the recruiting process.

Did you feel it was helpful to get started this early?
It was definitely worth it to get started this early. At the time, I had no idea where I wanted to go to college, but MRS helped guide me through the whole recruiting process and made it a lot easier.

How long after working with MRS did you receive your first offer?
After about 6 months with MRS I received my first offer.

What about MRS did you feel was the most valuable?
MRS’s “personal touch” was invaluable during the recruiting process. MRS spent the time to build a relationship with my family and I. Whenever I had a question, I could call or email MRS and they would help me right away. MRS filming the games and making the skills videos for me made it easier to send to college coaches. I could tell during the whole process that MRS wants to make sure that you don’t just find a good college, but the perfect college based on each athlete.

Would you recommend MRS to your friends and family?