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Intensive & comprehensive college volleyball recruiting workshops – preparing your athlete for success!

One of my favorite parts of my job is providing intensive & comprehensive college volleyball recruiting workshops preparing athletes for success in clubs throughout the world!

My workshops are extremely intense and challenge athletes to think about what they want for their future.  Playing volleyball in college is rewarding, however there is more to choosing a program than just being “wanted.”  So many athletes make the mistake of settling because they go about getting recruited the wrong way.

Finding the “perfect” fit in a program takes a lot of time and research.  You cannot expect to sit back and have offers come rolling in or expect someone else to get you recruited.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Families believe that if their child is good enough they will be recruited.

This is not easy!  What makes my recruiting workshops so unique is that I address where to begin, how to get started, how to avoid the biggest recruiting mistakes, what to include in emails, videos, understanding the commitment at every level and how to find the perfect fit for your athlete.  I literally take you step by step, screen shot by screen shot to make it easy to comprehend.  Many clubs offer recruiting presentations by college coaches, or former players and they are valuable.  However, the majority of them do not go into detail about how to begin.  You may hear send out some emails to some programs, create a profile to share with coaches, or put together a video.  How will you come up with a list of programs to email?  Where will you find their contact information?  What should you include in your video?  How often do I email a coach?  What if they do not respond?  The coach asked me to call, what am I supposed to say?  What kind of questions is the coach going to ask?

Club volleyball is a serious investment.  Protecting your investment by becoming educated is the best way to maximize your chances of being successful.  I offer these workshops for FREE to clubs throughout the United States and Canada.  This is truly my passion.  My goal is to guide every dedicated student athlete who wants to play college volleyball in finding the program that is a “perfect” fit for them.   Interested in having a recruiting workshop at your club, or attending one of my workshops?  I can create a customized workshop for the audience at your club for FREE!  Email me [email protected] or give me a call at 888-354-0052.  I would love to hear about how I can help your athlete or program!

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