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Memorial Day Recruiting Showcase

The My Recruiting Solutions Memorial Day Showcase is fast approaching! On Monday May 30th, student athletes will have an amazing opportunity to be evaluated by there individual skills in front of college coaches. Junior Nationals are around the corner, and the goal is to get coaches on your court! If your team is not traveling to a major recruiting event, this is just the kind of opportunity to capitalize on and stay relevant before summer. For college transfers, this is your shot to be evaluated live! The My Recruiting Solutions Memorial Day Showcase is unique, as we ensure everyone at the event gets a ton of touches on the ball. Talent is evenly distributed on each court, and athletes have an opportunity to play with there peers. It’s truly a fun experience, and a high level of volleyball.

Upon checking in, athletes receive a t-shirt and a number. The t-shirt color is determined by your recruiting class. The number is how the college coaches will identify you. College coaches receive a book on the list of participants. We film each court, and following the event we upload the video onto our YouTube Channel. We send the database of participants, and the video footage to EVERY college program in the country! At our last event, families reported receiving emails from over 30 college programs with interest! Our college transfers received multiple offers! 

Shortly after the event, our participants will receive an email with the contact information of every program who attended live and their recruiting needs for the next few years. Seniors, and transfers with permission to contact are able to speak with coaches in person. We recommend following up via email with the coaches and thanking them for there attendance. You can also request feedback on your performance.

To register for this unique event, and to see the list of colleges attending live click here. We would love for you to join us at Mizuno Long Beach for our Memorial Day Showcase! Space is limited, and we are nearly sold out. Do not miss this unique opportunity!

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