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Memorial Day Showcase and College Camps

In this video recruiting tip, Kara Hill describes the advantages of the upcoming Memorial Day Recruiting Showcase at Mizuno Long Beach, and collegiate coaching camps at Sunshine Volleyball Club, and Tstreet Volleyball Club! 

Below are the links to register for the Memorial Day Showcase and College Camps discussed in this vlog! Take some time to review each event carefully.

M.R.S. Recruiting Showcase at Mizuno Long Beach by clicking below:

Tstreet Collegiate Coaching Camp Registration:

Sunshine High Academic Camp:

Kara Hill is not a sponsor, nor is she affiliated with Tstreet or Sunshine’s volleyball camps. Kara is a noted recruiting specialist who helps guide families of high school volleyball student athletes through the process to play at the college level. She thinks of herself as a matchmaker to find the best fit solution for both the athlete and the school/program. This fall, she is hitting the road for 2 1/2 months – her husband and three kids, will be hauling there travel trailer across the country touring over 75 college campuses!

To contact Kara Hill, email [email protected], or call 714-323-8088. If you have questions about the advantages of the Memorial Day Showcase and College Camps, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can also #AskKaraHill.

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