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Dig Deep and Finish What You Started!

Dig Deep and Finish What You Started! This time of season is notorious for student athletes walking away from there commitment to there team. The kids are burned out! If you aren’t getting a lot of play time, as a family you are considering your financial commitment, and whether it is worth the investment to send your athlete off to Nationals or AAU. Quite possibly, your team could be underperforming and you could be feeling very frustrated about it. Regardless of the issues, this is the time to DIG DEEP AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED! You made a commitment to the club, your team, and to yourself. You absolutely need to follow through and finish the season.

From a recruiting perspective, coaches want to see you care about your team. They need to know when things are tough, you can fight to persevere. This may all sound really cheesy, but the fact is the college coach’s livelihood is on the line. Things will definitely not always be easy when you play at the next level, and they need to know they can count on you. Do you have what it takes to fight through it?

Check out this video tip on what you can do to stay motivated. As a parent, be supportive of your child’s feelings, and motivate them to finish strong. In life, things aren’t always easy. We all have moments of burn out! Learning to dig deep and finish what you started is a critical lesson your athlete will carry with them for the rest of there lives.

You’re Invited: This fall, I’m hitting the road for 2 1/2 months—my husband, three kids and I will be hauling our travel trailer across the country. We’ve done this before, and it’s a little crazy, but incredibly fun and effective. For this trip, I’m literally taking my show on the road—blogging and vlogging as I get on nearly 100 campuses and watch a lot of college volleyball. I plan to catch my former clients who are currently playing in college and tour campuses. You could think of it as a Travel Channel for recruiting, bringing volleyball and colleges to life like never before. Follow me on Instagram: vballrecruiter, Snapchat: vbrecruiter, or on FaceBook: MyRecruitingSolutions.

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