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College of the Week: Colorado College

Over the last 5 years, I have an amazing opportunity to build relationships with college volleyball coaches from around the country. My goal has been to understand how their programs work, and to help my clients find the perfect academic, athletic, and social fit in their college experience.  As I have come into contact with these programs, I have wanted to share my knowledge to broaden the perspective of athletes who are going through the recruiting process.  Too often, a student athlete will drop a big name school and believe it’s the perfect fit, because it’s familiar to them; when in fact, the perfect fit may be at a school they have never even heard of!

This week, I wanted to feature Colorado College.  Colorado College is known as a “Hidden Ivy.”  It’s ranked 27th in the US News and World Reports as a top Liberal Arts College, and has 2,000 students.  Once of CC’s biggest highlights is the Block Plan, where you’ll take one class at a time for 3 1/2 weeks.  The small class sizes allow for interesting discussions, where professors know your name, encourage personal growth, and respect your opinion.  Student athletes are able to balance clubs, internships, work, volleyball, and community service.  For students who want to study abroad, Colorado College offers a program for you to study abroad during a 3 1/2 week block period.

Colorado College is a NCAA Division 3 program.  They have made it to the NCAA Tournament for the last 17 years straight.  Coach Swan is enthusiastic about his program, as he has been the head coach for over 17 years.  He earned the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference co-Coach of the Year in 2012.  In the fall, one of my clients Aria Dudley will head to Colorado College to play for Coach Swan.  Aria couldn’t be more excited for her future with this program.



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