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Recruiting Tip: Staying in touch with college coaches throughout summer break and the high school season!

Recruiting Tip: Staying in touch with college coaches throughout summer break and the high school season!

Summer break is a a critical time for athletes to remain in touch with college coaches.  It’s important to send updates about how you are making progress, and share video from your high school team. You can discuss camp, the training schedule, tryouts, and what your role will be on the team this season. I recommend sharing at least one update per month, and one phone call to stay in close communication.

As a college volleyball recruiting expert, many families ask me questions about the high school season, such as the questions I have listed below:

1. How important is it for my child to play volleyball in the high school season?

Very! College coaches want to know you are participating and you have a positive attitude, regardless of the talent on the team. You are going to face many trials and tribulations in your life on and off the court, and learning to manage these challenges will make you a stronger person. If you are not playing on your high school team, the college coaches will see this as a red flag. The high school season is supposed to be a very fun experience playing with your peers.

2. My daughter plays on a strong team and doesn’t get much playing time. How do we get footage or share an update if she isn’t playing?

You can always film practice! Coaches don’t care if they are watching a scrimmage or a high school match. You just need to show you are playing, improving and working hard.

3. My daughter’s high school team is not very strong. Should we even send video if it’s not very good?

Absolutely! You also need to discuss your role on the team as one of the stronger players. When athletes don’t play on their high school team, they typically regress and their fellow club players are getting stronger due to the reps! Regardless of the talent, you need to play! Do not miss the opportunity to practice every day and get better!

4. My daughter’s high school coach is very intense, and she struggles with her emotions. Should I just have her train with her club?

College coaches are pretty intense as well. You have to ask yourself if the coach is abusive and out of line, or if they are giving you a hard time because they see potential?! Obviously, if it’s an abusive situation you need to figure out they best move for your child. You also need to have a strategy for how you plan to share this with college coaches. No one wants to hear excuses. They want to see you rise to the occasion and learn from your experience. So you need to have a game plan in place.

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