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My daughter is a senior without an athletic scholarship offer, should we be concerned?

It’s not too late for seniors to receive an athletic scholarship to play in college. The pressure is on, and unfortunately it’s very difficult for those seniors to enjoy the game, because they are so concerned about not knowing where they will end up. As athletes commit around them, and friends receive their acceptance letters into college, it becomes increasingly worrisome. The fact is, it’s not too late! College coaches are still on the lookout for talent at every level. Most division 1 programs are completed with their recruiting class, but it doesn’t mean their needs will not change.

One January 17th, My Recruiting Solutions will be hosting a college recruiting showcase at Tstreet Volleyball Club in Irvine, California.  Athletes from all over the country are welcome to attend to be evaluated. A showcase is an opportunity to be evaluated by your individual skills. The benefit of taking advantage of a showcase early in January, is it gives the college coaches plenty of time to evaluate you at an upcoming tournament, such as the Las Vegas Classic on President’s Day weekend. Right now, the focus should be to get on the radar of college programs throughout the country. The best way to accomplish this is through video, and a short email introducing yourself to a college coach. It cannot stop there however, you need to follow up!

By now, if you haven’t been recruited and you are going at this alone, you may decide you want some help. This is a very overwhelming, and tedious process. As a college volleyball recruiting expert, I am available to work closely with your family throughout the process. My job is to take the pressure off, and help you focus on the programs which are the best academic, athletic and social fit. I have a database of what college programs around the country are recruiting by class. This saves you time and money, as we focus on programs that actually need your position. Regardless of how you decide to navigate through the process, with or without help, YOU can do it! For a free consultation, email [email protected], and I’d be happy to offer you some guidance on the next steps.

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