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College Volleyball Scholarships Do Not Magically Appear!

As I have hit the recruiting trail this season, I am always surprised by the amount of families who feel if there child is good enough, a college scholarship will just magically appear. One of the biggest recruiting mistakes is underestimating your child’s abilities, and believing if they are good enough, a college coach will make an offer.  The recruiting process begins with your child taking ownership of their future, and making the decision they want to play at the next level. Once a decision has been made, creating a strategy for success is critical.

This process is intense!  You will be need to be consistently marketing yourself to programs around the country, providing updates on your progress with highlight videos. Evaluate your schedule and see when you can get on campuses to decide the types of schools you want to target. By going on the formal campus tours, you’ll get a feel for what is available.

Playing volleyball in college is a huge commitment of time and energy. However, if you find the perfect fit, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your lifetime.  To schedule a consultation to better understand your goals, email [email protected] My goal is to educate your athlete on finding the perfect fit, and guide them every step of the way until they are signed or committed.