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Social Media and Your Future

Social Media and Your Future!

Social media can definitely make an significant impact on your future! Athletes around the country are passed up by other candidates, as a result of what can be found on their social media profiles. It’s critical you have a clean image throughout each platform. Kara discusses how this will not only effect the college admissions process, but also your athlete’s career. Major corporations are using social media to get insight on who you are in your personal life.

About Kara Hill:

Kara is a noted recruiting specialist, helps guide families of high school volleyball players through the process to play at the college level. She travels the country touring college campuses, and meets with coaches to understand their programs. She considers herself a matchmaker to find the best fit for both the athlete and the college coach. Kara hosts recruiting showcases and events around the country. Her next event is at Mizuno Long Beach on Memorial Day. This showcase is an opportunity for athletes to be evaluated by their individual skills. For more information click here.

This fall, you can follow Kara and her family cross country as she hits the road for 2 1/2 months. Her husband, and three kids will be hauling their travel trailer across the country to tour campuses, while blogging and vlogging her experiences. She will watch a ton of college volleyball matches, and plans to catch former clients who are currently playing in college. You can think of it like the Travel Channel for recruiting, bringing volleyball and colleges to life like never before.

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Check out this video tip by Kara Hill: