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How Often Do I Call College Coaches?

At My Recruiting Solutions, we talk to college coaches every day.  Learning how to make phone calls and build relationships with college coaches is the biggest challenge most athletes face in this process and yet it is the most important part of the process.  By calling coaches, student athletes learn so much about what schools have to offer.  They get an insight into how a program is run, the personality of the coach, coaching style, and the expectations of the coach for the program.  Student athletes should use this information to create criteria that is important to them in a college program.

As a student athlete progresses through the recruiting process with a particular program, the student athlete should be calling this coach to check in and provide updates.  This is a question most student athletes have in this process.  How often do I call the coach?  Coaches don’t have the time to talk with you everyday, however you should call a program who is recruiting you anywhere between once a week (in the late stages of the process) to once a month in the earlier stages.  This shows a coach you are invested in their program!  It shows you care, and that you really are interested!  This also a great way to build a relationship with a coach.  It’s important to get an understanding of the program so you can prepare properly to compete and make a positive contribution to the program.

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