How to Get Noticed by College Coaches

To be successful and be recruited these days it’s important to begin early. Due to the technology that is made available to college coaches today, athletes are being recruited as early as 12 and 13 years of age, with offers sometimes being made before the start of their high school career. Does this seem crazy to you?

It is important to understand that most athletes are not “discovered.” You may be an excellent athlete competing at the highest level, but coaches are more interested in players who are seeking them out.

You can no long rely solely on your club or high school coach to get an athletic scholarship; you must be actively involved in the process by marketing yourself as a potential asset to any university.

It is crucial for your athlete to begin actively taking a role in the recruiting process by your freshman year in high school. During this time, she should be emailing coaches with video to begin building a relationship.

Keeping all this in mind, why should you consider My Recruiting Solutions? The answer is simple; we were involved in the recruiting process ourselves. We are passionate about the game of recruiting. Make no mistake it is a game that is played between college coaches and athletes. There are strategies that we use and guidance that we offer in order to ensure that your student athlete stands out from the competition.

Step 1: Get Evaluated!

Gaining exposure with college coaches is dependent upon you targeting schools that are truly an athletic fit! Get evaluated! Approach your club coach, club director, or high school coach and ask where they see you competing. Ask about other athletes in the past whom have gone on to play at the next level.

You can also send film to and she will offer you an athletic evaluation. Kara offers free consultations to help student athletes understand the recruiting process and point them in the right direction.

Step 2: Begin A Campaign:

You must take a proactive approach and run a campaign to be recruited. Create a list of 45-60 college programs and begin emailing the coaches. Remember step 1? Get Evaluated! You are focusing on programs that are an athletic fit. If you are emailing 45-60 programs and not receiving responses, then I can guarantee you something is wrong.

Do not send any attachments such as a bio! Keep it simple. Coaches receive thousands of emails. As a result, you want to keep messages around 6-8 sentences long and video is a must! My best recruiting tip: BE CONSISTENT! Whether you receive a response from the coach or not, you need to be consistent with delivering updates on your season.

Step 3: Highlight Reels:

To be recruited, video is a must! If you want college coaches to come to your court, sending video that grabs their attention in the first 10 seconds is extremely important. You need to show that you can compete at their level, or you have potential to play at their level for them to invest time on you. There are over 500,000 girls playing volleyball in the United States alone. As a result, coaches are inundated with emails. Sending current video to show you are making steady progress will help ensure you receive an athletic evaluation at a tournament.

Step 4: University Athlete:

University Athlete is the software college coaches use to find you in real-time at tournaments. Do you ever wonder why you see coaches staring down at their phone? They are following the schedule to ensure they see all of their prospective recruits. University Athlete is free for student athletes. You need to register for an account to ensure the college coaches have all of your accurate information at tournaments. This way if they want to engage with you, the message goes to the correct email address making it easier to be recruited.

Step 5: Making Phone Calls:

Let’s face it, the process is tedious. Have you ever played for a coach that you did not like? Imagine playing for that coach for 4 years! It would be miserable right? Making phone calls is how you build a relationship. You need to qualify the program. Can you envision playing for this coach? Find out what their expectations are from you if you are recruited. Ask what it would take to earn a spot on the roster. Also, what is a day in the life of one of their student athletes during the season?


Remember, your goal is to find the PERFECT fit! Have fun, you will only be recruited once!

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