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This June, I am hosting a College Recruiting Showcase for indoor and beach. I am working with Digs Volleyball Club just outside of New Orleans. Digs will be hosting a college skills clinic on the 3rd! I’ve been receiving tons of calls and emails regarding this special event. I wanted to provide a deeper understanding of what you can expect!

What is the College Skills Clinic?

The college skills clinic allows college coaches to offer instruction and work with prospective athletes on the court. The college coaches are actually running the clinic. This would be similar to you attending a camp on several different college campuses. The reality is, you are working with quite a few college coaches for a fraction of the price of attending several camps. Your athlete has the opportunity to get familiar with the coaching styles of each coach. She will receive instruction and improve her game. She will also begin building a relationship with the college coaches, and get a feel for their personalities.

*My Recruiting Solutions has no affiliation with the college skills clinic. We are not on the premise during the event, as it would violate NCAA rules. We do not profit from this event. These are two completely different events hosted on the same weekend for convenience of those who travel around the world.

What is the My Recruiting Solutions Showcase?

The college recruiting showcase is an event that allows your athlete to play in front of college coaches. My staff runs the event, and the college coaches are there to observe. We are not college coaches. This allows coaches to take a step back and identify players who he/she feels would benefit his/her program. The benefit of these events are that you are in an intimate environment being seen and gaining exposure. Players are moved around on each court and will be seen by all of the college coaches.

Why are your events more expensive?

My team spends hundreds of hours reviewing film on each athlete to ensure each court is evenly balanced. We also edit a highlight clip and post a short video of your athlete on our Instagram account @vballrecruiter to promote to college coaches. We focus on quality, and wanting to ensure each athlete receives exposure and is seen. Each court is filmed, and we share the database and footage with every college program in the country. Regardless of who is in the gym, your athlete is receiving exposure. We also host an intensive recruiting workshop educating you on how to navigate through the recruiting process successfully. This is unlike other recruiting seminars you have attended. Whether you are at the beginning stages of the recruiting process or you are working to get over the hump, we share tips on how to persevere.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to or call 714-323-8088.

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